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Mezuzah Hanging Instructions

Pictured: Made in Israel MezuzahMade in Israel Mezuzah

1. Before installing the Mezuzah to the doorpost make sure the Mezuzah Scroll (parchment) is inserted into the Mezuzah Case. Most Mezuzah casings are sold without the scroll. The Mezuzah should have a removable back that allows the scroll to be inserted. The scroll is tightly rolled and inserted into the Mezuzah. In some modern Mezuzah, a felt cover normally has a section pilled open to have the scroll inserted.

2. The Mezuzah is installed on the right hand doorpost as you enter the residence. Some Mezuzahs need to be installed with a nail, these require a small pilot hole using a nail or drill. A nail is preferred to prevent any damage to the Mezuzah. For Mezuzahs with brass screw, attach top screw to door frame, then hang the Mezuzah. Again, some modern Mezuzahs and especially smaller Mezuzahs used indoors, can be attached to the door with strong double sided tape.

3. The Mezuzah is attached at an average person's height. Normally this would be at the upper third of the doorframe, but no less than one hand's width from the top.

4. The Mezuzah hangs on an angle with the top part of the Mezuzah towards the inside of the residence or room and the bottom of the Mezuzah towards the outside. When hanging the Mezuzah tilt the Mezuzah slightly to the diagonal if the door post is not wide enough. In some cases the Mezuzah may be connected at a straight vertical angle.

Pictured: Light Green Choshen MezuzahLight Green Choshen Mezuzah

5. The Mezuzah contains a portion of the Shema prayer from Deuteronomy, see the Mezuzah Scroll translation.

6. Before affixing the Mezuzah to the doorpost the following blessing must be recited:

"Baruch Atah Adonie Elohenu Melek Ha-Olam, Asher Kiddeshanu B'mitzvotav, V'tzivanu Likboah Mezuzah."


"Blessed art thou, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with Thy Commandments, and commanded us to affix the Mezuzah."

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